It is my pleasure to announce that the 2013 AGM starts at 10:00 AM on Saturday, November 23, in Moncton at the Rotary Building in Centennial Park. Our goal for the meeting is not only to review the events of the past year, but also to look ahead to the 2014 paddling season and beyond. Your involvement, whether as a individual member, instructor member, or representative of a member club is valued. Please consider both attending the meeting and how you can contribute to the promotion of safe recreational paddling in the Province of New Brunswick. I hope to see you there!

If you know that you will be attending and you do wish to have a lunch (compliments of CKNB), please reply to Amanda Reid (Harrington) by e-mail: littlekayaker@gmail.com. If you have any food allergies or other requirements please outline them in your response.

Membership renewal: the Registrar/Treasurer will be present to accept your payment prior to the beginning of the meeting. Only members in good standing may vote at the AGM. Paddlers who are a member in good standing of an affiliated paddling club, receive a $5.00 discount on their CKNB membership; therefore, $10.00 only.  CKNB member Clubs are reminded that each club represented at the AGM also have a vote.


Maritime DayTripping is sponsoring a new CanoeKayakNB Award
“The 4-Season Paddler”
A $15 Gift Certificate to Maritime DayTripping for documented evidence of paddling every month in 2013.
Criteria – Have to have documented (photos, witnessed accounts, Facebook Postings, etc…) evidence of paddling at least once every month in 2013
Who is Eligible – Any New Brunswick Paddler
Prize – a $15 Gift Certificate at DayTripping applicable for retail product or training (1-year Expiry)
Submissions due as soon as you have completed your Dec 2013 Paddle to rob.lemmon@daytrippingnb.com


Effective June 16, 2012, there is one set CKNB course fee for any CKNB or PC course offered in the province.  The fee is $22 per course regardless of the number of candidates.  This fee does not apply to CKNB courses offered to high schools in the province.

How does this affect YOU?  Instructors no longer have to ensure that candidates are CKNB members nor will they have to collect course fees for non-members.  Also, instructors will no longer be responsible for candidate fees that have not been collected.  Simply register your course with PC as usual, complete the PC online course report when the course is completed and mail your $22 payment to CKNB.  Please remember that PC will also invoice you for their course fees as well.

We are confident that this change will make it easier for instructors to administer courses.  Instructors will be invoiced for outstanding fees at the end of the paddling season, or you can contact Andrew Cuthbertson at registrar@canoekayaknb.org

To maintain instructor status, all instructors are required to renew both CKNB & Paddle Canada membership annually.



Plans for 2013:
Plans are just beginning for 2013 with the hope to realize another canoe youth adventure trip on the St. John River (perth-Andover to Fredericton).
Students who are enrolled in grades 9, 10 or 11 will be invited to submit an essay describing why they should be selected to participate in the 10 day canoe trip phase of the project as a Future Leader in the effort to work towards the long-term ecological health of the St. John River Watershed.
For more information:


St. Croix – 2012
Ten enthusiastic successful applicant paddlers will take part in an exciting canoe trip down the St. Croix River. Between August 27 – 31, 2012, the Canadian Canoe Foundation in partnership with Partners for Youth, Canoe Kayak New Brunswick (CKNB)and the NB Chapter of the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society will be leading a five day environmental education canoe trip down the St. Croix River.

In addition, the 10 youth participants will take part in a pre-trip orientation and canoeing skills development camp on August 16-17th, 2012. The participants will receive instruction in canoeing and camping skills while learning about the ecology of the St. Croix. Structured lessons during the trip will focus on:
a) environmental changes facing the St. Croix
b) important work being done by environmental organizations, government and companies in order to manage the long-term health of the watershed
c) what ordinary citizens can do to be part of the solution.

To be eligible, the youth had to be:
- in grade 9, 10 or 11 as of June 15, 2012.
- attend school and be a resident of New Brunswick.
Registration was on line via: http://canadiancanoefoundation.ca/canoefo/registration.php

Note: All canoe trip costs are covered. The 10 lucky participants only need to cover travel costs to the start and end points of the canoe trip.

Canoe Kayak NB (CKNB) has been instrumental in having this canoe adventure realized for 2011 and 2012.
Funding and support is generously provided by Mountain Equipment Co-op, CKNB, CPAWS NB and Partners for Youth.

Southwest Miramichi River – 2011:
The Canadian Canoe Foundation (CCF) in collaboration with Canoe and Kayak New Brunswick (CKNB) , the Miramichi River Environment Assessment Committee (MREAC), the Miramichi Salmon Conservation Centre (MSCC) and Arpin Canoe Restigouche successfully ran a 7 day canoe trip learning adventure for 10 local (Miramichi) youth down the Southwest Miramichi River.

The objectives of the project were 1) educate the communities of the importance of river watersheds 2) send 10 local youth on a canoe trip learning adventure, 3) conduct a clean-up of garbage at campsites and access points along the river, 4) raise media/public awareness of conservation campaigns.

For 2011, environmental education initiatives during the project included visits to the Woodman’s Museum near Boiestown, Salmon Museum in Doaktown, a visit to the Salmon Hatchery on the Northwest Miramichi (MSCC) and a participatory presentation by MREAC.

The youth were additionally exposed to the heritage of the Miramichi river through visits to Beaubear Island Interpretive Centre and a paddling (national heritage site) visit to Beaubear Island via 26′ voyageur canoe, “Sipu”. The last scheduled event was a visit to Metepeniagiag Heritage Site on the Little Southwest Miramichi. Metepeniagiag First Nations.
Please click here to view photos of the river adventure trip:


The 10 lucky applicants, in order to win a spot on this exciting environmental education adventure, had to:
- reside in the designated river Watershed; and
- be enrolled in grade seven or eight as of June of the that year.

Restigouche, located northern New Brunswick, is looking for your support in keeping its wild nature free of logging and mining.  Currently Restigouche is facing an expiry date in the year of 2015.  Last fall New Brunswick had elected a new government and if we speak out now, we may have the opportunity to save this rural area from being destroyed. Restigouche needs your help!

To voice your opinion please visit the site below:


Since February 2008 when the Heritage Committee took on the task to work towards restoration of some ancient native portage trails in New Brunswick, work has not abated. 2010 saw an increase in workload: trail cutting (Mount Carleton Park & McKay Brook-Gordon Meadow Brook portages), PowerPoint presentations and revisions, meetings, budget submissions and a host of administrative tasks. That workload doubled in both 2011 & 2012 with further trail flagging (Cains-Gaspereau, Salmon R-Richibucto R, Meadow Brook Portage & SE Gorge of the Upsalquitch) & cutting (majority of the Salmon River-Richibucto R and in excess of half of Meadow Brook and SE Gorge Upsalquitch), major enhancements to the McKay Brook-Gordon Meadow Brook portage (high & low water entrances added to south end, north end shortened and over 600′ of corduroy pathway added to the north end of the trail for wet areas), 5 bridges built among three of the portage trails, follow-up work in Mount Carleton Park, major PowerPoint revisions and escort representative from Tourism & Parks NB across the McKay Brook-Gordon Meadow portage.

2013 is proving to be equal in workload as 2011 and 2012 with further work on all 6 trails as well as numerous PowerPoint presentations and some funding realized to enhancement the McKay Brook-Gordon Meadow Brook portage into an “Educational Ecological trail”, in partnership with the Miramichi Naturalists Club. 2013 has seen development of specific trail adoptions to assist with trail completion & ongoing upkeep. The McKay Brook portage now has over 1000′ of corduroy pathway to allow ecological traversing of wet areas. The end of 2013 should see the complete cutting of the six (6) portage trails. The Heritage committee continues to work towards trail completions and are working towards specific CKNB kick-off activites scheduled for 2014.

The 6 portage trails are: the 4.2 km portage in Mount Carleton Park, the 3 km portage connecting the Miramichi watershed with the Nepisiquit River and the 8.5 km portage (Cains River-Gaspereau River) connecting the Miramichi watershed with the Saint John River via Grand Lake and the 4.5 km portage connecting Salmon River to the Richibucto River; connection of the Nepisiguit river and the Restigouche River as a result of completion of the last 2 portages on the Upsalquitch River; that is Meadow Brook to Upsalquitch Lake (3.4 km) and the portage around the gorge on the South East branch of the Upsalquitch (2.4 km).

The committtee continues to have numerous but productive meetings and presentations with different agencies and communities. This is a short note to inform the membership of the ongoing work but more importantly, to let folks know that the work is having measurable success after 5.5 years of a great deal of almost daily work in some way. More information will be forthcoming with future milestones.

Persons or individuals who have an interest in this special project should go to the contact information from the Heritage Committee listed on this CKNB Website (see About Us – “Committees”).

Please keep an eye open on the CKNB website for PowerPoint presentations (“Walk a Mile in My Wetshoes”) regarding the Portage Trails Project in different locations in the province or make direct contact with Tim Humes via the Heritage Committee.

One of the successful CKNB initiatives, since June 2010 to the present, is the Big Canoe Program. Initially, it was spearheaded by Evan Young, past president and Gig Keirstead, technical director to establish a Big Canoe Program in New Brunswick. With much appreciated funding by the Provincial Department of Sport & Recreation, (now Tourism, Heritage & Culture) phase one commissioned the construction of a 26’ wood-fiberglass canoe from Spirit Canoes, Oromocto.

Phase two of the project realized the hosting of a Big Canoe Instructor School from June 16-20 on Belle Isle Bay. Dave Woolridge, a master canoe instructor, outfitter (from British Columbia) and primary author/editor of the Paddle Canada big canoe program, was the lead instructor. Priscilla Haskins from Alberta joined him. Priscilla is the chair for Paddle Canada’s Canoe Development Committee (PDC).
The first four days of the course included the usual course direction, practice, and sectional teaching, learning, unlearning and re-learning of skills. The course instructor participants presented the fifth day of the course; that is, an Intermediate Trip Leader Development Course, for a number of paddlers from the Fundy Paddling Club (Saint John).

The overall outcome of this CKNB initiative has been very positive:CKNB now has a core of Intermediate Trip Leaders, Advanced Trip Leaders and Intermediate Leader Instructors. With this valuable resource, the process continues to promote and expand Big Canoe paddling in New Brunswick. Since that one big canoe instructor has become an instructor trainer, establishiong a base for future growth.
In the south there have been a number of recreational paddling runs, training courses with the Fundy Paddling Club as well as scheduled introductory and intermediate big canoe courses in the Passamaquoddy. In notable addition, National Canoe Day for 30 June 2012 saw hosting of a major big canoe celebration; see below.

This CKNB Big Canoe program has fostered growth and activity in the Miramichi area. CKNB, in association with the Friends of Beaubear Island (Heritage Site), has hosted a number of big canoe events and activities: staff development and canoe assessment, Canada Day & National Parks Day, Michael Ignatieff’s national tour, other individual canoe parties and the first Annual Miramichi Big Canoe Challenge, held on 25 September 2010 and 2012 at the City of Miramichi.

The First Annual Miramichi Big Canoe Challenge in 2010 was blessed with a day of sunshine, crisp autumn temperatures and hefty competition on the Miramichi River. Eight teams gathered at Bicentennial Park in Nelson, Miramichi to vie for the title and bragging rights…as winner of the First Annual Miramichi Big Canoe Challenge.
There was great teammanship, leadership and laughter from all the competitors and in the end, the Sobeys Green Machine took home the paddle/trophy with a time of 8 minutes, 30 seconds, inching out the JMH Tom Cats (who lead for most of the day). The first prize included a canoe paddle/trophy, individual medals and free registration for the next competition. The youth category was won by the James M Hill High Tom Cats with a time of 8 minutes, 46 seconds, 16 seconds less than the Green Machine.
The name of the canoe, “Sipu” was chosen from a public contest. The Friends of Beaubears Island Selection Committee used the following criteria: 25% Originality; 25% Creativity; 50% significance to site & project objective. “Sipu” was the unanimous choice !
Official name: “ SIPU” – in Mi’kmaq, means “the River”. Pronounced “Sibu”
Keep an eye open for the next Giv-er on the River episode showcasing the Annual Miramichi Big Canoe Challenge !

Big Canoe Event – Saint John
On June 30th, 2012, the first Big Canoe event in the Maritimes was a complete success and was a wonderful showing of fine paddling skills in both speed and dance. On behalf of Canoe Kayak NB we would like to congratulate the top teams in their boat divisions Rob Lemmon’s Maritime DayTrippers (in the 26 footer class) and to Helen/Kris’s Fundy Paddlers Club (in the 20 footer class). Below is the final results of the event:

Team captain Race Points(max 10) Dance Points(max 15) Total (max 25) Overall ranking
A) 26 footer Class

Rob (Maritime Tripping) 9 14.6 23.6 1 Top
Rafe (Osprey Adventures 10 13 23 2
Nancy (Fundy paddlers Club) 8 11 19 3
B) 20 footer class

Helen/ Kris ( Fundy P C) 10 13 23 1 Top
Beth (Fundy P C) 9 12.4 21.4 2
Mary/ Lyn ( Fredericton Tumblehome) 8 8..5 16.5 3

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